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New Years Resolution: Declutter and Organize

As 2013 comes to an end, many people are making New Years Resolutions for 2014. While there are a wide range of resolutions that people will make, it seems that many individuals will vow to declutter and organize their living space. This is a wonderful resolution to make for several reasons, including the fact that environment is influential and can affect human behavior as well as mood. If getting your living space organized is your New Years Resolution, the following strategies can be of great use to you: 

1. Think Small.

In many cases, one of the reasons that our living space tends to look crowded and cluttered is because our furniture is big and bulky. If this is an issue for you, know that the problem can be resolved. For example, if you find that you have an unnecessarily large couch in your living room, consider trading it in for a smaller one. You'll be surprised at how much more spacious your home begins to look when you invest in smaller furniture. 

2. Get Rid Of Clothes You're Not Wearing. 

Oftentimes, the area of the home that looks the most cluttered is the bedroom. This can be the case for several reasons, and one of them is that multiple pieces of furniture are needed to contain all the clothing. In many cases, this clothing isn't even being used. If you recognize that you're not wearing all of the clothes in your bureau, consider cleaning them out and donating them to a reputable charity. In many cases, you'll be able to donate at least one piece of furniture where the clothes were being stored. 

3. Downsize Your Bed. 

Although many people intentionally purchase a king-sized bed because it provides them with the form of comfort that they enjoy, this is not always the case. In many cases, individuals inherited a king-sized bed from a friend or family member but may not need sleeping furniture this large. If this is the case for you, take the time to sell the bed or give it away. After doing so, you can purchase a smaller bed such as a queen. Doing so will enable you to have more walking space when you move through your bedroom. 


While you may think that decluttering and reorganizing your home will be a difficult or impossible task, it doesn't have to be. By implementing the strategies listed above, you can attain the space necessary to make your home look spacious and attractive. Good luck! 

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