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New Years Resolution: Declutter and Organize

As 2013 comes to an end, many people are making New Years Resolutions for 2014. While there are a wide range of resolutions that people will make, it seems that many individuals will vow to declutter and organize their living space. This is a wonderful resolution to make for several reasons, including the fact that environment is influential and can affect human behavior as well as mood. If getting your living space organized is your New Years Resolution, the following strategies can be of great use to you: 

1. Think Small.

In many cases, one of the reasons that our living space tends to look crowded and cluttered is because our furniture is big and bulky. If this is an issue for you, know that the problem can be resolved. For example, if you find that you have an unnecessarily large couch in your living room, consider trading it in for a smaller one. You'll be surprised at how much more spacious your home begins to look when you invest in smaller furniture. 

2. Get Rid Of Clothes You're Not Wearing. 

Oftentimes, the area of the home that looks the most cluttered is the bedroom. This can be the case for several reasons, and one of them is that multiple pieces of furniture are needed to contain all the clothing. In many cases, this clothing isn't even being used. If you recognize that you're not wearing all of the clothes in your bureau, consider cleaning them out and donating them to a reputable charity. In many cases, you'll be able to donate at least one piece of furniture where the clothes were being stored. 

3. Downsize Your Bed. 

Although many people intentionally purchase a king-sized bed because it provides them with the form of comfort that they enjoy, this is not always the case. In many cases, individuals inherited a king-sized bed from a friend or family member but may not need sleeping furniture this large. If this is the case for you, take the time to sell the bed or give it away. After doing so, you can purchase a smaller bed such as a queen. Doing so will enable you to have more walking space when you move through your bedroom. 


While you may think that decluttering and reorganizing your home will be a difficult or impossible task, it doesn't have to be. By implementing the strategies listed above, you can attain the space necessary to make your home look spacious and attractive. Good luck! 

Winter Home Improvement Projects: Update your Living Room

The living room is often a gathering place for family, it’s where we settle in together to share our day, watch a movie, read, play games and the list goes on. In the colder months of the year when winter sets in, the living room becomes even more important to families as a gathering place when being outdoors isn’t comfortable any longer. With a few quality pieces of furniture and some added comforts, the living room can be an inviting place to spend time with loved ones.


Furniture in the living room should be both comfortable and easy to care for. Seating spaces such as couches and chairs should be cozy and inviting, with ottomans and coffee tables within reach for foot props and a place to put drinks and television remotes. With comfortable seating spaces, the family will enjoy spending time there and be more likely to gather than to scatter. Bean bags are another great furniture idea for seating spaces, especially for kids. 

Pillows and Throws

Cozy comfort is a key part of the family living room, most especially during the winter season when the weather outside is frightful. Warm, snuggly throws and blankets tossed about on the couches and chairs make for a cozy space to curl up and read a book, watch television, and just generally hang out together. Pillows in soft textures invite snuggling and settling in together.

Carpets and Rugs

When setting up your living room for winter, it is important to remember the floor space. Uncovered floors are often chilly and hard, making them uncomfortable and not very inviting for kids and family. By choosing soft carpets and rugs, you can cover the floor space in the living room, keeping feet from getting cold and providing extra play space for kids. Little ones almost always want to be playing on the floor, so by keeping the floor coverings warm and textured, they can play in comfort.

By taking the time to choose quality, useful furniture and warm, inviting coverings for the body and the floor, you can make your family’s living room a great space to hang out and enjoy time together. While it’s likely to be cold and harsh outside, inside it can be warm and inviting in the living room. The living room set up for winter comfort can be a place to make memories that will last a lifetime. We invite you to come visit our store and find the perfect piece for you.


Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time of food and family, or it can be a stressful mess for the hostess who tries to do too much or who is unprepared. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, make it the best one yet by following these five simple guidelines. 


1. Don’t Go Overboard

While Pinterest may offer a bunch of great ideas for new recipes and decorations to try, resist the urge to go overboard. It is better to have a couple key elements turn out great than ten cute details that flopped because you were rushing. Go ahead and set a simple but memorable holiday table, but forget about decorating a cake in the shape of a turkey.

2. Anticipate Problems

Taking a few minutes to prepare for potential problems will give you a chance to prevent them from happening in the first place. If your dining room is slightly too small for all the guests you are inviting, see if you could move any extra furniture out. If a few family members do not get along, you may consider an assigned seating arrangement. If family members have dietary restrictions and preferences, take them into consideration when planning the menu.

3. Make a Plan

Preparing for the perfect holiday get-together requires a lot of planning. If you get around to tasks as you think of them, you may forget to buy an ingredient or borrow a baking dish. Before you begin preparations, sit down and make a list of everything that must get done before the big day. This will help streamline your process and make sure nothing is forgotten. 

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Holidays have a tendency to sneak up on people. Instead of procrastinating and creating a last minute rush, get as many tasks done ahead of time as possible. Deep cleaning your home a week or two in advance will ensure you only have to tidy up in the days before. Cooking what you can the night before will give you more time to take care of last minute details the day of the party. 

5. Let Go of Perfection

Lastly, let go of perfection. No matter how carefully you plan and prepare, something will inevitably go wrong. Instead of worrying about minor details, embrace the happiness of the day and concentrate on what you are thankful for this year. Chances are, you have a lot to be thankful for.


Tricks to make a small room feel spacious

The way a small room is decorated and furnished can mean the difference between having a room that is cozy, warm and inviting or cluttered and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are a number of inexpensive design and decorating strategies that can make even the smallest room feel open and inviting.


One of the easiest ways to give a small room a larger appearance is through use of color. Painting the walls and ceilings in light colors, such as whites, pastels and neutrals, will make the room appear brighter and larger. Painting moldings or trim slightly lighter than the wall color will add visual height to the room. Furnishings should be in the same muted color palette, but homeowners can add different textures and color intensity to avoid a boring, one-dimensional look. 


Maximizing light, both natural and artificial, is a key component of making a small room appear bigger. Natural light from windows should be maximized by using sheer window coverings or by pulling back any heavier window treatments. Recessed lighting is a good way to add artificial light to darker rooms without making a room feel cluttered or cramped. Furniture choice can influence how light and airy a room feels. Tables with glass surfaces and furniture with open arms and exposed legs will let light filter throughout the room.

Reflective Surfaces.

Mirrors and tables with glass surfaces will reflect light and give the illusion of increased size and depth. Mirrors can give a room a brighter, larger feel by reflecting both natural and artificial light during the day and at night.

Organize and Declutter.

Having too much stuff in a small room will give it a cluttered, unfocused feel, which will make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable. Using furniture that incorporates some element of storage is one strategy to reduce visual clutter in a room. Another way is to pick one focal point for the room, such as a large painting or mirror. This is preferable to having multiple, smaller paintings or mirrors scattered around the room or clustered together.

Furniture Arrangement. 

To maximize space, furniture should be placed against the walls, preferably on a diagonal. The places that people will normally walk through to enter or exit the room should be left free of furniture and accessories. People should be able to breeze through the room without maneuvering around a piece of furniture or a potted plant.

There are many design tricks that homeowners can use to make a small room feel like a big space. Most of these tricks are as simple as changing a paint color, rearranging furniture or removing a few decorative items.


The Multi-Purpose Room: Home Office / Guestroom 

Whenever guests come in from out of town, it can seem like there is never enough space in your house. For those who do office work from home, the choice between a guest room and a home office can be tricky. A home office would certainly get more use, but a guest room is convenient when out of town company arrives.

Today, designers are providing a way for customers to have both an office and a guest room. Home furniture that can convert an office to a guest room is convenient and much more affordable and efficient than having two rooms.

Beds can be hidden away in a wall-mounted cabinet. These beds fold up when not in use to allow the space to be used for something else. They can be in any standard bed size. The cabinet surrounding the bed can be used for storing books or office supplies. Beds can be converted into large desks. They can sometimes be folded into small sofas. These are known as sleeper sofas. Another option that doesn’t require any folding is a top bunk bed with the space below used for another piece of furniture. This space has been used for desks, tables, shelves, cabinets and even small sofas.

Desks are the most versatile pieces of convertible home furniture available. They are sometimes seen folded under a bed so that it unfolds when the bed rises. They can also fold up into its own wall-mounted cabinet similar to the Murphy bed. They can come off the side of a small dresser or transform into an accent table. They can even be incorporated into closet organizers! Almost any piece of furniture can transform into a desk of some kind. This makes converting into an office very simple.

Filing cabinets have a reputation as being unattractive and dull. That’s not something you would want to see in a guest room. Today, filing cabinets come in a variety of designs. Many are disguised as elegant side tables that make a perfect addition to any bedroom. You may want to invest in one that locks to avoid guest from getting into your personal files.

Converting an office into a guest room is so convenient. It is very easily done if you buy the right furniture. This is a great way to use space efficiently.